The Role of the Youth in World Politics [Episode 1]

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The Role of the Youth in World Politics [Episode 1]

When given an opportunity to organize, voice their opinions and play a meaningful role in political decision making, young people consistently demonstrate their willingness and ability to foster positive, lasting change. They also become more likely to defend their positions on a political subject matter with greater sense of belonging. 

With 1.1billion in rising population, youths constitute more than 18 percent of the world’s population, hence, with such numbers become un-ignorably vocal in the scheme of world governance and participatory politics. 

However Youth recognition and participation in world politics is relative on the different continents of the world which we look at in the next episode. 

Key areas for the role of youths in world politics: RECOGNITION, INCLUSION AND PARTICIPATION. 

RECOGNITION: Young people are visibly present in the different parts of the society, Academic Institution, Religious Organization, Cooperate world and even in the Casual Society. Their thriving numbers cannot be overemphasized in the society today. 

INCLUSION: The world’s political organogram ‘must’ factor in sufficient number of youth representation, creating a seamless process of ascendency and discipline. This goes a long way to assure their presence in decision making. 

PARTICIPATION: Youths are one of the most energetic groups in the society strata. An environment to actively engage tasks and assignments give them a feeling of fulfilment, hence they become an asset to workflow and output distribution. Not just that, an assurance that their contributions are considered at the highest level of decision making is an encouragement to their political aspirations.

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