The Role of the Youth in World Politics [Episode 2]

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The Role of the Youth in World Politics [Episode 2]

As we have discussed earlier, the participatory role of young people in the political scenes are relative in opportunity on the different continents of the world. As much as ‘interest’ is key in participation, the path ways to a significant role in world politics for youths must remain feasible. 

Some say a well-structured and organized country may see less of youth participation in politics because most young persons, especially in this contemporary times just want to live comfortably or be recognized creators not necessarily sustainable participation in anything as politics requires. In this organized countries, non participatory Youths can easily have their voice heard through opinion sampling, questioning leaders, media, and peaceful protests. 

In EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA were structured societal advancement is recognized, this may be the case. However in emerging societies, third world nations and the south-south cooperation, this may be different as there are still claims of suppression, injustice and a lack of societal advancement as to be seen in a modern world. 

There are limited or no path ways to youth participation in politics, yet the society remains largely inconsistent in socio-political development practices. In AFRICA, this are the realities available for youths. The youths find themselves at the mercy of inconsiderate middle aged and elderly leaders who continue to use respect to cultural, ethnical and religious norms as divisive tools of subjugation.

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