Abraham Great is famously known for the slogan, “It is working!” which has become a commercial and spiritual brand for which he owns the trademark and patent globally.


Change Catalyst, Money Mindset Coach & Mgt. Consultant

Abraham Great has the grace to help people and businesses connect the destiny dots.

A notable people magnate Abraham Great is well sought after by private, corporate and government clients as the consultant who helps connect the dots in leadership, management, legal and destiny alignment. A regular feature on Television and radio with budding influence on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Abraham has successfully built a group of companies called Great Dynasty Group with business and voluntary interventions across many business sectors. Often referred to as a viral entrepreneur. He is also a clergyman who is as well a fantastic songwriter and recording artist. Abraham Great has authored 15 books to date.

The dynamic, inspirational speaker, keynote speaker and coach is an international sensation. An author of more than 15 books through his publishing house Golden Pen LTD, a company that has published more than 100 books. As a Chartered Manager and certified Management and Leadership trainer – Abraham Great, through his company, Great Expression LTD, delivers training interventions for corporate bodies, government and not-for-profit organisations. In 2011, he became qualified as a certified immigration solicitor through the Office of the immigration service commissioner ( OISC ) and, in 2013, attained the highest level of immigration advice partitioner ( LEVEL 3 ). His immigration company – Straight Record LTD – trading as has helped many families migrate to the UK, US and CANADA.

As a profound polymath, Abraham is blessed with the innate ability to spread his message through many mediums, some of which include speaking, writing, and music. These mediums provide a robust and passionate platform for touching the lives of people and impacting the world. He is often referred to as a Messenger of Hope and Agent of Glory. His life’s mission and professional goal are to take people from story to glory. 

Abraham Great has the grace to help people connect the destiny dots. He is committed to coaching many people in setting personal, corporate priorities right to align with the future of the picture.

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Fela duotoye
"I salute the Great Grace upon the life of Abraham Great and the great impact that he has made with this amazing grace."
Business consultant, leadership expert, and motivational speaker.
Godman Akinlabi
“Great is a masterful entrepreneur in showing you and helping you how to make more money faster than you ever dreamed possible.”
Nigerian pastor, author, public speaker and engineer.
Wisdom Ezekiel
Great is an ardent man when it comes to connecting the dots, especially in business. He does it so well that you wonder the problem never even existed.
Co-founder, PERTINENCE Group
“Great is a masterful entrepreneur in showing you and helping you how to make more money faster than you ever dreamed possible.”
Nigerian realtor, Human Rights activist, and Business & Strategic Consultant


Great Dynasty Spans Over Two Dozen Ventures Across Several Industries