The ‘National Cake’ Concept

Politics and Governance

The ‘National Cake’ Concept

THE ‘NATIONAL CAKE’ CONCEPT is an idea that “winner takes all”, so desperate politics calls for desperate measures is the unfortunate culture of the African Politics given prominence in the NIGERIAN POLITICAL space. 

According to Udo Jude in his publication in the “Daily Independent” sept 8, 2005, “The underlying principle of governance in Nigeria is best captured in the clause “national cake.” A cake owned by everybody but accessible only to a few. 

The concept of service and patriotism has given way to plundering and greed. The man who gets into politics sees it as a quick way to get money. As such he must win at all cost. 

Until the concept of ‘national cake’ or ‘state cake’ as the case may be continues to hold sway, politics will be played without principle and the law would be used to work injustice”.

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