The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 6]

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The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 6]

Whatever your concern is, you will always continue to seek it. In every society, a very few people get to a point where money is no longer a concern. 

Beyond economic buoyancy, this set of people have attained the highest tier of riches – Glory

Before you can be said to have attained this tier, the following must have happened. 

  1. Typically, you’re not just a top earner; you’re a leader in your field whose decision is capable alters the course of things. You influence is also felt in other industries outside of yours.
  1. At this point you really do things because you believe in it; and you never really do the things that you don’t want to do. Back in the days, you may engage in some business for profit only. You may relate with some people you don’t like because business has brought you together. But now, you’re doing things that you believe in. This brings me to the next point. 
  1. You become altruistic. You live strictly for impact and legacy. You seem to have your life figured out; you are fulfilled. For that reason, you have more time to cater to humanity for humanity sakes only; not in primary expectation of financial returns. As a matter of fact, at this stage no matter what you do, it ends in financial gains for you, directly or indirectly. Not because you need it, your work just speaks for itself and your personality and business ventures attract goodwill. So, even though you no longer focus on money, money focuses on you. 

When all the above have begun to happen in your life, there are certain characteristics by which you are identified as one who has reached the glory tier:

  1. Celebrity status. Not only entertainers qualify as celebrities. That set of people need fame and they crave for it because upon it is their riches and fortune built. In your case, fame seeks you. You do not struggle or engage in personal promotion to be recognized. You’re not just known for your riches, you have become a force to reckon with. 
  1. You are an authority and your word usually becomes law. This is when people begin quoting you. Your counsel is sought in matters that concern the society at large, even if sometimes those matters do not pertain to your area of expertise, your impact has so extended that you can’t e ignored. You become more than an individual; you are an institution that people come to learn from. If you had existed I ancient times, chances are that you would have been deified.
  1. You no longer introduce yourself. Wherever you go, everyone knows your name. Wherever you go, you are the centre of attention.  You become a near perfect example of what other humans should be. For this reason, you become altruistic. You no longer focus on money; money focuses on you. People focus on you. You are the centre of attention. 

Does the phase of glory sound like something you wish for? If yes, then know that those who reach it are humans like, with brains and limbs. However, what set them apart are vision, discipline, consistency, grit and patience. Therefore, to stand a chance of getting where they are, you must start from the beginning as explained in the first video of this series. Do well to watch it, take notes and most importantly, implement. 

As you do all of that, I wish you nothing short of success. 

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