The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 5]

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The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 5]

As time runs by, progress is expected of everyone, including those who occupy the top of the food chain. Which begs the question, is there any phase that transcends wealth? First of all, beyond wealth is more wealth. But it can get to a point of ceaseless overflow, which only few people attain.  How do they get there? For starters, let’s say that it happens with time. 

Now, after the tier of wealth comes what I perceive as tier of fortune.  

I call it so because for reasons you will discover in a moment.

But first, as you may know, sovereignty means autonomy. It denotes total freedom to make decisions. When an entity is sovereign, it never answers to anyone, but it is being answered to, which is why it is called authority.  When you apply this to finance, it means you have gotten to the level where every means submits to you. In other words, your money now works for you in many major ways. If you have gotten to the point, you are at the fortune phase. 

Now, down to specifics, here are ways to identify a person who has attained that fortune tier:

  1. You are getting more from investment than the average person. The truth is that everyone at almost any level can begin to invest. But what distinguishes you from others is not just that you have to struggle to invest. Even if you have to secure a loan, banks will run to you because your ventures are profit-bound. This is why people like Dangote, the riches black person on the face of the earth do not struggle to get loans to finance their new businesses. Usually, people of this caliber are well backed by the government, because they acknowledge the economic significance of their business.  This is what distinguishes you from the regular investor. By implication, the hustle race is too far behind you and the possibility of returning to it is totally unthinkable, no matter how bad the times get. You are now a member of a very exclusive economic community. You can now take a break from work for as long as you wish to because the returns on your investment are enough to cover all of your expenses.  
  1. Other businesses seek your input as an investor, knowing your capital is significant and your influence is bankable. 

You can now see that at this point, you do not have work whenever you don’t want to. You have put in the work, now your money doing just as much. 

This is a tier that most people will never attain, because people’s earning power are not the same from the get go. But there are things you can do to at least improve your finances and put yourself on that path. 

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