Who is Showing You Around?

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Who is Showing You Around?

When you go on a tour to an unknown destination, you’re a novice who knows nowhere. So the first thing you need is a tour guide. This way you’re making sure you’re on an adventure, not just wandering.

If you’re new in a business or on a job, the same consideration applies. You need the guidance of someone more experienced to help you learn the ropes fast enough, demystifying all complexities and arming you with all the information needed to do right.

Your decisions are shaped by the quality of guidance you receive, hence the need to choose right. Which necessitates the question: how do you know who is best to receive counsel from.

Every job, business or field of practice has its own ethics and laws. But not everyone follows laws and regards ethics. So how do you decide who to follow without getting entangled in crookedness?

Firstly, learn the rules of the game personally, before seeking out who to take you by hand and lead you through.

Secondly, take time to weigh the results.

Playing by the rules guards you against malpractices, but smart work, creating thinking and proactiveness are the factors that differentiate people with respect to the result they generate. You need to be sure you’re being led by a folk who knows their onion. You need all the insight and motivation you can get to be your best.

Thirdly, be firm with your personal values.

Great performance brings great results, but smartness is different from crookedness. Morally speaking, the end doesn’t justify the means, the means justifies the end. Let your values determine who you follow. Skills help you deliver on the job and earn you money; but value determines the manner with which you deliver, earning you a favourable reputation. Competence tells in your job, value tells on you. For example one thing to do a good job, it is another thing to steer clear of fraud while at it.

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