The Most Valuable Currency in the 21st Century

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The Most Valuable Currency in the 21st Century

The digital age is rapidly changing the way we live and do business. It has also revolutionized not only the flow of currency, but also its form. So if asked what’s the most modern and sustainable of currencies, you’re likely to think Crypto.

But with the emergence of technologies facilitating exchange of services and goods across miles without leaving your physical position, how many businesses accept crypto as legal tender?

The future is pregnant with surprises, but for now, the most important currency which keeps businesses going without face to face contact is TRUST.

If you must take a place of influence in a world where we are all close to each other and far away at the same, building trust is not an option.

It is very possible that some of us struggle to maintain good relationships because we have disappointed a lot of people so many times and it is hard to bank on us.

Building trust is essential in continuing interactions and Interrogation with persons of mutual interest or even divergent interest. Note that at any time we wish to achieve a set desire or goal, there is a need for interaction, it might be with opposition or like minds, the most important aspect is building trust sustainable enough to execute set targets and milestones.

To be able to achieve such feat, there are levels of trust that emanate from several Indices of trust. Which are:

· Sincerity

Sometimes we become unfriendly to the Idea of honesty at all times. In keeping healthy relations with others, we must keep a culture of honesty, in conversation, attitude and expressions. Infact, not being honest may be the easiest way to come along as being untrustworthy.
· Making your word your bond
When you make admissions and submissions, follow through to the letter. It is better to avoid posturings that we may not be able to live up to. The better thing to do is to maintain moderation to avoid overemphasizing or stretching situations beyond our capacities.

· Keeping old relationships gold.

In a time when it’s easy to employ the “cancel culture” mechanics in relating with people especially when things don’t go our way. It may not be the right approach to issues, as some circumstances are rather momentary than long term so it becomes a possibility to need such situations in the nearest future, so we want to intentionally keep healthy relationships with people.

· Leaving no chance to misinterpretations

One of the most common ways to be untrustworthy is to be misunderstood through verbal or nonverbal communications. Communication is just as important in passing a message, one that carries importance, hence it’s better to understand mediums and feedback mechanisms to complete communication flow.

· Own up

We don’t have to always come through as perfect is why we must show remorse and speak up on our shortcomings. This builds trust in the most remarkable ways. Some leaders today have failed to employ this trust mechanism as a result of PRIDE, however this is not the way to go as such leaders create a sense of mutiny amongst their followers. Cultivate the habit of owning up.

· Give a hand

You should be willing to assist others in cash and kind, this helps to foster trust. Genuinely extend helping hands to others, knowing fully well that sometimes what others need is just a hand.

Be Vulnerable

Showing emotions doesn’t mean you are weak, it rather means you are courageous to express the human side of yourself that every right thinking human will be willing to be plausible about. Vulnerability, however, requires that you are careful enough to know what to share per time. Apply emotional intelligence.

Deciding to trust others is a benefit of doubt, an intention to grow with others in the most hostile and even conditions.

It is working…

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