Where Political Leaders Often Get it Wrong

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Where Political Leaders Often Get it Wrong

Oftentimes, people start out good, showing a lot of promise. Then selfishness kicks in, followed closely by party politics; and more desire for power.

Often times, we hear political leaders say “I have no regrets”, even when in decisions they took, they always had the opportunity for a second thought or second chance. Although there is a saying that ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’. 

The first thing is admitting you are or can be wrong in decision making. Leaders need to learn that, sincerely saying ‘sorry I made a mistake’ doesn’t make them weak but rather it makes them open to doing the right thing in the best conditions while having the backing of those who put them in the positions of POWER. 

Political leaders also need to be the ones going foul of a prospectively good policy. For example, why should a political leader seek medical attention or advice abroad when his/her leadership constituents are experiencing substandard medical care or attention? 

Why should leaders allow the National sports team compete inside aesthetically sound and a well maintained sports facility while the sports facility in his/her leadership constituent is begging for attention. 

Why should there be a government policy that seem to keep a group of people as second class citizens, such that it makes them feel less if an human being and non-inclusive. In a situation where a leader has no information on a subject matter, he or she can ask to seek more clarity rather than speak authoritatively in ignorance.

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