Empathy in Politics

Politics and Governance

Empathy in Politics

Empathy simply means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Now, how does this fix up with politics? 

Today, Empathy in politics is standing with or pushing for the general people on their positions of political participation, governance and leadership direction. Some political ideology scholars have termed this ‘Populism’. 

However, we must recognize that people are now more politically conscious than ever before, due to the advent of globalization. Through this, they synchronize their thought process, views and opinion of political understanding as it impacts their various interest. This is where political leaders must be wary and ready to meet the people in the middle. 

Although it is not enough to be a political leader and not engage in dialogues with people, either at party level or on general people levels, it is one of the surest ways to enjoy political equity. 

That a political leader connects with his or her peoples is a show of empathy, contemporarily acceptable. Or else the people or groups will experience mutiny leading to several covert and overt revolting. 

Empathy will see a political leader factoring the people in policy making, hearing their positions and designing workable or practical solutions to bridge policy gaps.

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