The Role of the Youth in World Politics [Episode 3]

Politics and Governance

The Role of the Youth in World Politics [Episode 3]

Having highlighted challenges in the earlier episode, here we will look to create a strong sense of belonging. 

Youth participation in politics remain inevitable as they continue to thrive in their various endeavors. Either as Artisans & Craftsmen, Media Personnel’s, White Collar World, Theatre Arts, the World of Science, Agriculture, Politics and so on. 

Politics is a figment of the society, so as they thrive, roles open up like gateways for their influence and manifestation, hence youths must continue to do their best in every passionate endeavor they find themselves in. Young persons have the numbers, there is ‘power’ in numbers and this is a great asset for the youth. 

Their WILL power become second to none when they unite for a course. This, they will learn to appreciate as societal pressure beacons. 

Remembering that “with great power comes great responsibility” they will create capacity building approaches to harness their strengths so as to key into the ROLES OF POLITICS that inevitably await them.

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