5 Ways to Make your Government Accountable

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5 Ways to Make your Government Accountable

More and more, it becomes important for citizens to demand from their leaders beyond what is being offered. Here are 5 ways that these can be achieved;

1. DEMAND PUBLIC DIALOGUE: It will be unfair to be watch Political office holders take decisions and implement policies unilaterally. The essence of governance is the reflection of policies on peoples and when the people are made to be uncomfortable in their daily activities due to inadequate government policies, then there is a disconnect in proper consultation between people and government. Hence, there must always be periodic open public dialogue. 

2. PUT AN END TO POLITICAL LABELLING: All government policy ideas should be equally measured, scrutinized or accepted without bias to political affiliations or this or that group of allies. This is the foundation of societal dreams in a working society.

3. LETS LISTEN MORE: The truth is you cannot criticize or admit government policies effectively if you do not listen attentively to government policy strategy.

4. AVOID POLITICAL DESTRUCTION: Enough of people character assassination or shaming due to differences in stance of public opinion or government policies. No one is an island of political wisdom, as much as we review our personal lives daily, our political correctness changes, hence we may become friends tomorrow.

5. USE THE MEDIA: In some societies, the media is the fourth estate of the realm, that is, the fourth tier of government after the Executive-Legislature-Judiciary tripartite. We should invite the media to beam our opinions, observation and affirmative actions to the government. The media enjoys the benefits of tools for this purpose.

One thing that you must not forget is that it is our constitutional right to demand more from our government!

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