Want to be a Big Earner, Be a Big Thinker

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Want to be a Big Earner, Be a Big Thinker

Everything you see around you is a product of the mind. The possibility of success or failure is also not left out. For instance, the ever-revered Thomas Edison conceived the idea of the light bulb with a success mindset. If not, he would not have tried the 1,001st time after 999 failures. 

Your mind is the womb of your fortune; if you must earn big, your mind must be able to conceive it. 

This is why you must develop a mindset that sets you on that path, and here are ways you can do that: 

  1. Have a strong reason: To achieve anything beyond the regular, you need some motivation. And though there are lots of sources to draw that from, none of them can do much for you long enough. With time, reality renders it invalid. The best form of motivation is self-generated. This is why you have to base your thought of earning big on a strong reason. When you have a strong reason, it keeps you from relenting till you achieve what you want. This may be because you see a lot of people suffer in their old age and that scares you. Let that fear motivate you to put yourself through the fire of relentless labor. 
  1. Have someone to look up to: Whatever your mind has conceived, somebody has achieved a semblance of it. You must find a way to follow them and learn from them. They may not necessarily be people within your reach; in this case, you should read about their journey. The idea is not just to believe you can also make it – they are already an evidence of that possibility. It is to study their steps and re-model it in a way that suits your own journey.  
  1. Think creation: The greatest fortunes recorded in the modern world are attributed to people who create something. They spot gaps in daily business transactions and social interactions and fill them with their invention. The big lesson here is that money is given in exchange for the value you create. The higher your value, the more you are in demand, and the more you earn. This is how the owners of Uber, Facebook, Amazon and Zoom commanded fortune. Do not be intimidated by these big names; they started small too. You can replicate a global success in your local domain and still make a lot of fortune. But the key is to think about the need for it first. If it meets needs, money is a natural derivative
  1. Get past optimism and pessimism: This may sound absurd. You can either be optimistic or pessimistic- so you think. But optimism alone does not help you actualize your desire; neither is pessimism an ultimate obstacle to greatness. Both are emotions that must be overruled by pragmatism- a show of logic and reason. 

The point where you launch into business with high hopes is optimism, while the feeling of discouragement that comes with difficulties is pessimism. After both emotions have had their way in you, they must give way for realistic planning and the plotting of a roadmap to success based on your and the lessons you have learnt. 

Thinking big does not imply disregarding obstacles; it involves an objective SWOT analysis that directs well guided steps to reach your goal. 

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