The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 3]

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The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 3]

So you have invested and your investments are yielding returns. What next? 

Well, harvesting from what you have sown, or in clearer terms, profiting from your investment is good. But what is better is the profit coming in abundance. When this happens, then you are not just in the profit tier, you have attained tier of riches

The question is, how do you go from profit to riches?

Riches come when your seeds are have not just brought you harvest, but have also produced more seeds that are producing harvest. This means there is a continuous cycle of re-investment because you have extended the seed-harvest chain. As a result of this, you are living in a state of abundance. 

The lesson here is that the seed tier is not a phase to ever graduate from. It must always overlap with other tiers. That is, the fact that you are profiting does not mean you will stop sowing seeds. If you must increase your profiting capacity, you must increase your sowing too. 

Now, what are the manifestations of riches?

The following are signs that you have attained the riches tier

  1. Your income far outweighs your expenses. That means you have much left after you have taken care of your needs and wants. This is why you can now comfortably afford to re-invest some of the returns on your investment. 
  2. Your retirement plans are taking shape. You are now buoyant enough to invest in your future. Being in possession of riches is not only about having more than enough to cater for yourself now; it is about able to your secure future. 
  3. You are living totally free of debt. As a matter of fact, you have become a lender yourself. Not only that, many are getting blessed as a result of your financial status, either through employment and philanthropy. 

On a final note, remember that you never stop sowing; so not matter how much you have sown and how much you are already profiting, the sowing culture must continue.

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