The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 1]

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The 6 Tiers of Riches [Episode 1]

There are stages to everything in life. Taking human being for example, our lives started at conception, then, we grow in our mother’s belly as fetuses before we become due for delivery. We then begin another phase of existence from toddler to adult. As it is with us, so it is with riches. 

I believe that there are six tiers of riches, that is, six stages that riches grown through to become fully mature. They are 

  1. Seed tier
  2. Profit tier
  3. Riches tier
  4. Wealth tier
  5. Fortune tier
  6. Glory tier

In this video, I will be talking about the Seed Tier. It is the foundational stage of our quest to create wealth. Just like us humans, riches begin as seed that gets planted. This implies that the stage cannot be skipped, as it is what begins the growth process. In common language, this is called humble beginnings. You may assume that everybody knows this, but when you look at the way many people’s lives have turned out, you can tell that they never acknowledged the days of planting.  There is no harvest for them today because ate their seeds. 

Planting in money terms means investment. And since you are fortunate enough to be seeing this video right now, let me show the three areas of investment that will yield profit for you. 

  1. Financial investment: Rather than eat your seed, that is, spending all of your money, you should invest it in profitable venture. This may mean raising capital to start more income generating ventures. It may mean investing in stocks or estate. Anytime you are channeling your money into things that have the potential to always fetch you more money, you are making a financial investment. 
  1. Skill investment: You may think money is the only thing to invest, but your power to earn increases based on your proficiency level at whatever you do. This is why you must commit yourself to acquiring the required skill set. There many ways to hone your skills. One of them is to study, by going to school and/or reading books on your own. This is especially applicable to managerial workers and those in the field of education. Another way to acquire skill is to enroll for professional courses. This applies to both managers and other professionals in fields such as advertising, accounting and nursing. Seminars and workshops are other avenues for updating your aptitude. Skills are also acquired on the job. This applies to everyone, including traders (yes, there are skills involved in selling, customer relations and negotiation). Whichever way your skill investment foes, it requires your money and time. 
  1. Relationship investment: As you go about your quest for wealth, you should also consider the limited power of your skill. You should pay attention to your attitude towards people you meet along the way, particular in the work environment. Invest in relationships by planting the seed of empathy, competence, and humility in people’s mind. At some point later, you will e able to trace some wins back to these seeds. 

I hope that with this has exposed you to realization that the seed tier what you must start with?

You may like to go over this video again, take down notes and consider think of ways to plant the right seeds today. 

Start now and start right.

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