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Are You Ready To Discover Sure-Fire Strategies To Become Wealthy?

Rise above situations. Find the opportunities hidden in plain sight, work out exciting solutions and create amazing wealth. Get the tools that will help you organize your life and finances in this practical, proven, and tested masterclass that will leave you empowered and wealthy.


Do you desire to find opportunities for riches and grow your wealth?

 Understand who you are, why you are here, and live a life of flow, ease, and prosperity.


The knowledge to grow your finances and make money like you never have?

Do you feel that you can do better in your finances but don’t know? Or get tools that helps you organize your finances or find the right direction that guarantees over-all life success? You feel frustrated because you have tried all you know. You are wondering if there is a better way.

You desire to create wealth, seek the knowledge that will radically change your finances. You want to prioritize your finances and make money like you never have but you don’t know how. I understand how you feel. Making money requires a mind walk not a heart work. You are constantly looking for

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine acquiring tools; leveraging on technology to organize your finances.

You know how to budget and manage your finances without stress. You can set realistic and achievable financial goals and you hit your goals. You understand the secrets of making more money and you know where to position yourself at each point in time. Visualize yourself making all the money your previously thought was impossible. You are now in a great place achieving not just financial goals but all-round success.

You are being guided by a coach who has helped others make millions of dollars; a coach to influencers and he is handing your tested secrets that helps you flourish. You feel empowered, accomplished, and successful. You are no longer in the rat race. You have become an employer of labour and have created a long-term financial plan for yourself.

This is what this masterclass gives you and more.


Where The Money Is

Find the opportunities hidden in plain sight. Decode the time and season to discover where the money is. This 3 days 2-in-1 practical, hands-on masterclass shows you HOW to make money and WHERE to make money. Grow your finances and become a wealthier You.


Benefits of Where The Money Is Masterclass

Core Values Discovery

Discover the core values that make you wealthy

Articulate Your Financial Goals

Identify what your financials goals are and articulate them in simple yet profound ways that inspires you to accomplish them

Wealth Strategies

Learn profound strategies that helps you create the wealth that you seek

Starting Your Business

Starting a successful business takes courage, knowledge, and specific set of skills. Learn how to start a business on your own

Decoding Time & Seasons

Learn to decode with your mind what the times are saying. Spot the problems before others do and work out solutions.

The 40-year Financial Plan

Map out a 40-year plan for your finances so you are alert to economic factors and can secure your wealth.

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Are You Ready to learn how make more money and become wealthier?


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Hello, I'm Abraham Great

I am often referred to as a Messenger of Hope and Agent of Glory. I am the founder of the High Demand Certificate Program, an international organisation with programs such as Turning Point Master Classes, Trailblazer Training Program, Spread Coaching Network and The Marriage System. My programs have helped individuals and companies grow personal and company wealth into tens of millions of dollars in revenue across various sectors, including but not exclusive to – Technology, Entertainment, Real Estate, Immigration Advise, Agricultures Etc. 

I have partnered in businesses with top individuals, professional sportsmen like Jayjay Okocha and has represented governments on international transactions and procurement. I have successfully started and run over 11 Businesses in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, and Nigeria. Through my programs, I have helped individuals and companies grow personal and company wealth into millions of dollars in revenue across various sectors, I understand not just how to make money but where the money is. In this course, I show you where to look and save you valuable time.

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