the 7 SEALS OF DESTINY masterclass

Get The Secrets To Unravel The Seal Of Destiny And Activate Your Destiny

Do you know there is a seal over your life? A script that guides your destiny only you can open. This is God’s plan for you, and I want to show you how to unlock these seals.

You wish someone would show you how to unlock the limitless potential you carry.

Are you seeking for blessings, riches, honour? Do you desire to unlock hidden talents? Or are you in search of power, wisdom, strength, and glory?

Are you on a quest to find the transformational package that you carry? You seem to have unravelled a part of you and know how that feels like. You feel powerful and free. Yet you know there is more. You know that you can give more but don’t know how to achieve this.

Let me show you
what is possible…

Imagine understanding the packages God gave you to fulfil your destiny. You understand how to unlock each and every one specifically for your life. God has given you 7 seals – Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Glory and Blessings – to fulfill your destiny. You can open each seal over your life my unpacking and activating it.

Picture yourself – you are liberated. You feel unstoppable. Your countenance is lit. You know what to do to work in power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessings. You feel fulfilled and accomplished.


7 Seals of Destiny Masterclass

Unravel the mysteries that abound in your spiritual life, unpack, and activate Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Glory and Blessing for your life. With this program, the world will experience boundless greatness that only you can give.

Here’s What You Will Learn

Understanding The 7 Seals

Here, you gain understanding of what the 7 seals are

Unpacking the Seal of Destiny

In this module, we begin to unpack each of the seal as it applies to your life

Unravelling Mysteries In Your Spiritual Life

In this module, you gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual life and unravel mysteries

Secrets to Unlock the seals of destiny

This module shows you secrets to unlock the seals of destiny for your life

Activating the seals of destiny

You have unlocked the seals of destiny, now it is time to activate them. This module walks you through how to activate the seals in your life.

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Hello, I'm Abraham Great

I am often referred to as a Messenger of Hope and Agent of Glory. I am the founder of the High Demand Certificate Program, an international organisation with programs such as Turning Point Master Classes, Trailblazer Training Program, Spread Coaching Network and The Marriage System. My programs have helped individuals and companies grow personal and company wealth into tens of millions of dollars in revenue across various sectors, including but not exclusive to – Technology, Entertainment, Real Estate, Immigration Advise, Agricultures Etc. 

I have an uncanny grace to help people connect the destiny dots. I am committed to coaching people in setting personal, corporate priorities right to align with the future of the picture. My life’s mission and professional goal are to take people from story to glory and I am committed to helping you uncover your seals of destiny

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This program holds annually, that is, once every year.

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