Spread coaching network

I am excited to invite you to join up with us in this divine adventure as we fulfill the mandate of Glory to raise a generation of people ready for the coming of Christ. I am fully expectant for God to impart you with grace, knowledge, revelation, anointing and wisdom to do the work of the ministry. Let me share this short story with you on how SCN came to being.

“On Saturday 20th of July 2013 at exactly 7.28 am whilst in conversation with God through prayer and meditation, I received a divine word from the Holy Spirit to begin a coaching network to raise church leaders and pastors for the multiplication mandate of HLBC as well as the overall expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth.”

It is about taking the knowledge and experience you have had in ministry to other available vessels who are willing to be used by God. At SCN, the curriculum lasts for 6 – 9 months and at the end of the period attendees are equipped for greater responsibilities in their churches, and for church planting. The Network aims to impart them with the knowledge, strategies, systems and other wherewithal to lead or Pastor with focus on CHRIST, HOPE and GLORY.

SCN Vision is R.E.A.L
o Raising leaders whose focus is seeing the church of Christ planted, and rooted for the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth to the glory of God the Father.
o Equipping them with information, knowledge, wisdom and strategies for the work of the ministry.
o Appointing trained and faithful leaders as messengers of Hope and Agents of Glory up the ladder of Christian and church leadership, for the equipping of the saints and the growth of the church.
o Leading selected individual towards growth and maturity in God and in relating with people of God.

God is ever eager to release men and women into the harvest that is ripe. He however expects that the harvesters are equipped with the necessary tools to reap the harvest. Brace yourself for the several encounters that will happen when you join this network. But, do not only focus on the encounters; desire to develop a lasting relationship with the Holy Spirit that would enhance your ability to walk with God.

I am looking forward to journeying with you and seeing you increase in the knowledge of God and become an integral part of God’s agenda for the multiplication of His church.

Join me as we develop capacity for the furtherance of this divine mandate… It is working!

Abraham Great