MK 1000


In 2013, whiles attending a empowerment submit in Dartford, Kent the Lord spoke to me to return home and target 1000 souls in Milton Keynes.

We realize also that there is no single church with an attendance of 1000 adult souls in Milton Keynes since the creation of the wonderful town.

We therefore in obedience to the voice of God take up the responsibility to see the Kingdom of God come. For His will of thousands of souls to be saved be fulfilled

Why MK1000

  1. Jeremiah 30:19
  2. Isaiah 2:2
  3. Job 33:23
  4. Isaiah 60:22
  5. Act 2:41
  1. Power Hub Multiplication Mandate – Establish in every area in Milton Keynes. At least all the 32 Parishes.    32 * 32 : 1024 Adults coming from home hubs
  2. Covenant Fishers – 24 People Covenanted to bringing at least 2 people each week targeting a minimum of 10 souls in each month.   24 * 2 * 52: 2,496 Adults
  3. Covenant Harvesters – 25 To Distribute at least 10,000 - 50,000 flyers into homes monthly
    50 000 * 12: 600,000 Adults would have at some point seen HLBC
  4. Covenant Reapers – Dedicate time in the church office to go out and survey the community, call harvested souls and keep in touch with members. We survey every single noticeable problem in Milton Keynes as expressed by the neighbors. Then we develop strategies to solving these problems
    5 People Each Week
    3 Days Volunteering
    15 People Reached
    5 * 3 * 15 * 52 : 11,700 Adults would have been spoken to
  5. Covenant Sowers – Making Financial investment to fund the budget for MK1000 yearly
    20 People
    50 Pounds Donation
    52 Weeks
    Sower A
    20 * £50 * 52 : £52, 000 would be raised yearly funding this project.
    Sower B
    40 * £25 * 52 : £52, 000 would have been raised to ensure we can staff for this growth
    Sower C
    80 * £12.50 * 52 : £52, 000 would have been raised to ensure we could pay for a venue that would hold 1000 people
    Sower D
    50 * £20 * 52 : £52,000 would have been raised to ensure marketing and advertisement is done to achieve this aimMinimum target would be to have at least 50 people sign as covenant sowers by the end of October.
  6. 1000 Prayer Hours Monthly Strategy – 10 people prayer 1 hour each every 10 Days – (Form + Registration + Prayer Bulletin + Report Card)10 * 1 hour * 100 days : 1000 hours of prayer investments every 100 Days at HLBC for MK1000
  7. 10 Strategic Bill Boards About HLBC Around Milton Keynes – This would be paid for from the budget raised
  8. Anoint Every single Roundabouts in Milton Keynes with oil ordering the angels of God to signpost and announce HLBC to people every quarter of the year
    124 Roundabouts
    12 People
    11 Roundabouts allocated to each agent of glory
  9. Servant Evangelism - Once a month as a church we must choose a community to evangelize – We print our T-Shirts… Look radiant and glorious and meet people in their homes or shopping complex. On the day, each person target reaching, helping to carry bags, help wash cars, and all form of servant evangelism. (Help people bag their groceries in Asda, Tescos etc.). Each member may order 2 types of T-shirts and harts
  10. Employ at least 3-5 Sales agents as volunteers or paid to reach 100 people daily with names.. Inviting them to church. Collecting their e-mail addressed, phone number and handing them invitation to HLBC, plus other materials.
  11. Make Paid Facebook Add Every week for HLBC EVENTS
  12. Invite 10 renowned ministers of the word, music, drama or comedy to the church each 12 calendar month
  13. Organize specific programs that meets the needs of people
  14. Uniquely set up Quarterly Big Day Events with a target of breaking growth barriers
  • Every Member prayer and Fasting Every Tuesday
  • All leaders must be available for Wednesday Rhema Bible Study
  • All workers must be available for Friday – HEAT
  • Everyone adopted into the Discipleship Team makeshim or herself available for God at all time.
  • Setting Up a Youth Ministry – Team Timothy
  • Pastors Forum – Meet Every Sunday Morning and Bi-Monthly
  • Deacon’s Board Meet Every Month
  • Elder’s Council Board Meeting
  • Church Management Council Meeting
  • Trustee Meeting
  • All Disciple Must commit to bringing 5 Souls to the Church Each Month
  • Every Saturday We as a team go out for personal evangelism
  • Fishers – Going out regularly to fish for souls – Matthew 4:19
  • Harvesters – Harvesters will go into the harvest field – Matthew 9:38
  • Reapers – This are group of people in the church who are looking for employments or in-between jobs. Sowing their time each day with the church staff or volunteer evangelizing the harvest field. John 4:36-37
  • Planters – Upon this group the foundation for HLBC Power Hubs is laid. We are starting with 10 Locations… All location with targets of bringing to souls to church – 1 Corinthians 3:6

Glory Fire

Every end of Month…

Host – Pastor Abraham Great