What is a Mandate?
A mandate is a command or authorization to act or do something in a particular way for the benefit a people or place.
This command or authorization always emanates from a superior court and it is given for the benefit of a person, a people or place order than where the it is being given.

What is a Glory?
Glory is resplendent beauty or magnificence. Glory is a very great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed by common consent.
Glory is the presence of God. Glory is what God sees when He sees a person, situation or place.

Who Qualifies to Receive a Mandate?
The character of God is unique. Therefore only God by Himself set the criteria for those whom He Calls. Men and women can be chosen, assign, ordained and sent to carry out a duty or assignment.
In the case of a mandate, the bearer of the mandate has to have tangible proofs that He or she has been chosen by God to carry the specific mandate. Exodus 3:10-22
God can and would use anybody he chooses to you, the individual has no part to play in the pre-mandate decision. You can’t beg God for a mandate. You can ask him for a vision or an assignment

  • Adam was given the mandate to keep the garden and name all animals – Gen 2:15,20
  • Noah was called of God to build an ark – Gen 6:8, 13-22
  • Abraham was called by God to go to a land Gen 12:1-3
  • Jacob was given a mandate to form the nation of Israel. Genesis 28:10-19,
  • Moses was called by God to lead God’s people out of Egypt. Exodus 3:10
  • David was given the mandate to rule and reign forever over Israel. 1 Sam 16:1-13
  • Solomon was given the mandate to build the tabernacle – 2 Sam 7:12-17
  • Elijah was given a mandate to speak to the Nation of Israel–1 Kings 17:1, 21:17
  • Mary was given the mandate to carry the messiah in her womb – Isaiah 7:14
  • Peter the mandate to plant the church & feed the flock. Matt 16:18, John 21:17
  • Paul was given a mandate to the gentiles – Act 9:1.9, Gal 2:7
  • Jesus was given a mandate to reconcile man to God – 2 Cor 5:17-18, Col 1:14-14

1. If comes from God
2. The needs precedes the birth of the carrier of the mandate
3. It is delivered to a man
4. It has generational impacts
5. It outlast the carrier
6. It is unique and different
7. It courses the carrier to run
8. It will speak
9. It has God’s hand on it
10. It cannot be destroyed
11. It’s execution always requires God for further details
12. It is worth devoting the whole life to
13. In it many other people are called
14. It overall aim is to do good

What then is the Mandate of Glory?
The mandate of Glory is the details of the assignment God has giving to His servant, Pastor Abraham Adeshile Great to execute on his behalf here on earth. The Mandate of Glory consists of several details of several encounters, instructions, directions and visions God has given and would continue to give to His Servant Abraham Great and as many leaders He chooses to lead this Glorious Church.


This Mandate of Glory is classified in the following categories:

  • Encounters – Directly between God and to His messenger
  • Visions – From God to His messenger
  • Revelations – From God’s word to His messenger
  • Instructions – From God to His messenger
  • Divine Directions – By God to His messenger
  • Dreams – From God into the messenger with a specific message
  • Trances – Orchestrated by God for the attention of His messenger
  • Prophecies – Words spoken by God through his servants to His messenger
  • Advices – From fathers, mentors and coaches on building good structure


Early Prophecy At Ibadan to Rev. J. O Akintayo
A year before God’s messenger Abraham Adeshile Great was born – His biological father, Rev. Joshua Olukunle Akintayo was on the prayer mountain at Ibadan (Olorun Kole Mountain), amongst his prayer requests then, what that God should give him a male child since he and his wife already has 3 daughters.
On one of the prayer session, one of the most prominent prophets of the time Prophet Osofa called Rev. Akintayo and told him, God would give him a son by this time the following year but he will have to surrender the child to God because God is sending the child to the earth as a prophet to the nations.

Early Prophecy at The Apostolic Church Ologojulo to Congregation
At Around 6 year old, it was recalled that one of the most prominent Evangelist and prophet in Nigeria at the time, Prophet Obadare was holding a programme in the same house and church that God’s messenger Abraham Great was born, prophet Obadare would often request that the young son of Rev. Akintayo should be brought to eat either breakfast, dinner or lunch with him. In one of the programme, Prophet Obadare spoke publicly about this young born and declared that the Lord told him the boy is born as a prophet to the nations. Prophet Obadare was blind and could not see.

Death Threat
In August of 1990, little Abraham Great was pronounced dead at the Ikeja general Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. His father returned from work to notice his sick son had been covered in white cloth and rapped ready for the mortuary. Rev. Akintayo instead took off his cloth and danced around the bed. He told everyone that cared to listen to him that his child cannot be dead because God told him who the child was going to be in future. To the glory of God, one of the most notable Doctors in the state at the time, Dr. Kuku was passing by. He noticed and recognized Rev. Akintayo, he decided to step in and give some encouragement. In a bid to do that, he held Pa Akintayo on the wrist and held the dead boy also at the wrist, only to feel a pulse few minutes later. Dr. Kuku requested that an oxygen tank be brought in quickly and there was restoration of life. Rev. Akintayo’s son was later diagnosed with meningitis. Miraculously, God’s messenger’s life was spared and which is a clear testimony that death can be rebuked for a divine messenger.

Divine Instruction
After coming out of coma in 1990, it was told that the only word God’s messenger was saying was “I see glory o, please don’t return me to Adeoyo.” Adeoyo was the street where he was born and had lived. His Parents also received a spiritual instruction from God and other spiritual leaders to not to return their son to that same house. There was a source of affliction and attacked from that vicinity. Straight from hospital and for the rest of time in Nigeria before his father passed and till now, God’s messenger has never lived in the same house with his parent. (By the grace of God, Pastor Abraham Great mother now visits his family in the UK and lives with them during her several months visit.)

Prophesy at Dad’ Office
When God’s messenger was about finishing his secondary school education, He took his JAMB forms (Matriculation Examination for University Entry) to his Dad’s office. His Father had a Pastor friend in the office on the day who was asked to pray on the form (a normal practice in Nigeria at that time, to pray on everything). As this Pastor friend was into his prayers, he stopped and laughed out loud and gave God praise. He told Rev. Akintayo that the boy was not cut out for the University that he was enrolling for. Pastor Great’s father asked why? Then the pastor replied that he saw in the boy’s hand in the realm of the spirit, a bell of salvation calling people on to Jesus. He also went on to say that the reason he laughed was because he saw both white and black people answering the call. From that day God’s servant disliked the pastor and would not even bother asking about him anymore.

The encounter with Christ at Salvation
Pastor Great was living with one of his uncle who had lived with His parents at the time of his birth. His uncle had become so wealthy at the time that after recovering from his life threatening sickness in 1990 and was told to be taken away from their family home. The young Abraham eventually opted to live with Bishop Goke Fapohunda of Christ Global Church. This was a switch from his apostolic background as his Uncle’s church was a Pentecostal church. He enjoyed the services - Sunday Schools and Bible Studies especially because all services were conducted in English Language.

Despite his joy to be with his uncle and the church, there was still something missing. Several events happened in his life during this period which eventually led him to be sleeping in the church auditorium. This experience propelled him to develop and hone his musical talent. All through the night, Abraham stayed up to either read books or practice to play the piano on his own. As his musical talents develop there was more demand for him around the community. Great musicians like Gbemi Olaleye and Dupe Solano now Olulano who where the main Gospel Musician in Lagos at the time started calling the young Abraham to play for them. These were the events that eventually lead to him becoming a session musical for End Time Army ministry.

Abraham Great played for the End Time Army ministry as a Bassist for only 60 Naira a week at the time. One glorious Wednesday on the 27th of October 1993 as the man of God Reverend Adetiloye was preaching, he felt a conviction of the Holy Spirit in his heart that although he is a Pastor’s son and was born in the church, but he still has not surrendered his life to Christ. For the first time, he was made to understand what salvation meant and came out to answer the altar call. All the glory belongs to God.

Encounter with the Holy Spirit
Few weeks after giving his life to Christ, Abraham Great got a message to be a pianist for one of his cousins who had started an inter-denominational fellowship. He responded to the call though this fellowship was conducted in the very house he was born and had earlier been warned not to return to. He prayed and proceeded having felt the leading to go. So every Sunday evening he will go out to play, but it was always hilarious to him, hearing some of the people he grew up with praying in tongues because you could hear the blaring speakers even from nearly 50 metres. He often laughed during such moments because he thought they were up to some mischief and were using fake tongues.

Abraham never discussed his sarcasm with anyone in the fellowship, but one fateful day, he returned to his base and slept. In the dream he was visited by someone who told me he is a messenger from God, he asked what the message was, and he instructed to open the book of Jeremiah 1:5-10. Before this time, Abraham had never, study or read the bible on his own. He only grew up learning memory verses from the Bible. The messenger said so many things to him in that dream that he could not remember when he got up, but in the dream he fellowshipped with the messenger and praised God till he started speaking in tongues in the dream. Abraham woke up from that dream encounter running and dancing around the auditorium of Christ Global Church, Papa Ajao Lagos for over 3 hours, praying in tongues uncontrollably. That day, he received the great baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Divine Voice after 3 Days Fasting & Prayer at the Redemption Camp
From 1993-1997, Abraham was extremely curious asking and seeking God for his plan for his life. His parents had told him several prophecies before his birth and he has also lived to hear some of them, but rather than being excited, Abraham got more and more confused as to how God would want to use him. In 1996, he decided to travel to the Redemption Camp for a personal 3 days dry fasting and praying programme. For the three days he prayed and fasted, Abraham did not receive anything concrete from God regarding his future.
However, on the last day, he boarded a bus to return to Lagos. As soon as the Bus driver arrived to Berger Bus Stop in Lagos for some passengers to alight, Abraham heard a very clear voice to open the book of Psalm 2:8 “Ask of me and I will give to you, the heathen for thy possession and the outermost part of the world for your possession.” He then asked of Lord, what does this mean? The analogy of one of the persisting condition - catarrh’ was used by the Holy Spirit to describe it to him. In the explanation he was told that his constant sneezing is a pointer to the fact that is calling is not from and for this environment. “The starting point of your calling is not in Nigeria, I am taking you to far nations from here”. From that day, Abraham’s desire to leave Nigeria was born.

First Encounter with Bishop David Oyedepo
Abraham’s first encounter with Bishop Oyedepo was in 1995 when he heard of his breakthrough seminar and he believed that he will be cured of a reoccurring skin disease. This ailment usually resulted in serious pain with itching anytime he has his bath. His belief was that salvation had given him victory over several sicknesses that had plagued him from childhood but this particular one had stuck with him.
That fateful morning, he was caught up like in a trance looking at the bishop in a red suit and he heard the Holy Spirit say to him “You are healed right now and that is your father”.
Soon after he heard the holy spirit say again, this man will serve as father figure to you, he will not only mentor you but will be a major part of your destiny. It is no surprise that Pastor Abraham Great now has a very close relationship with the Bishop and was also fortunate to ask for the hand of his now wife in marriage from Bishop Oyedepo.

Trance at Success Power with Rev. Sam Adeyemi – Breaking to Breakthrough
In 1996, Abraham attended the Success power seminar which was organized my Rev. Sam at Airport Hotel Lagos. Rev. Sam was preaching on the subject “break – in to break-through centering around the power of imagination and through the guidance of the holy spirit, he was able to see the words “Wisdom power outreach” on the programme banner.
This was like a trance so he knelt down in the service to ask God for clear instructions. Soon after the Lord spoke to him saying that he should start an evangelism outreach themed the wisdom power outreach from the following Monday.
So he immediately gathered a few of his friends, few days later they had started evangelizing on the buses from Lagos mainland to Lagos island as early as 5 30 in the morning for commuters going to work This program brought around growth for the church he attended at that time until April 1997 when he left Nigeria