Welcome to the History Makers!

• Do you sometimes wonder if God’s plans for your life would ever become reality?
• Are reaching those desired goals proving a challenge?
• Are you tired of the daily routine both in life and in ministry?
• Are you seeking that shift necessary to help jump start your destiny?
• Do you have a desire to maximize your efficiency and become more organized?

The History Makers Training (HMT) with Pastor Abraham Great is a 3-day intensive course that
• Is designed specifically with a view of releasing God`s dreams for your life.
• Provides an extraordinary course of studies for every born again Christian.
• Ensures life-long results by providing the training necessary to help revolutionize your approach to life and help attain those desired long-term goals.
• Provides the experience that would otherwise take the equivalent of 30 years to acquire.
• Focuses on Core Values and Kingdom Advancement methods.
• Utilizes a range of strategies to help achieve those seemingly impossible goals.
• Ensures each participant acquires and masters essential time management skills.
• Employs unique tools to help maximize self-efficiency and increase self-discipline.
• Provides strong tutorial support as well as professional feedback by experienced Mentors

1. The Application form must be filled and submitted. Send an email with the Subject “History Makers Training” to office@abrahamgreat.com to request for an application form
2. The course description, cost of participation and the payment conditions will be sent to you upon the receipt of your application form.
3. All compulsory assignments must be completed and full participation is required throughout the duration of the course.

▪ Exceed your limitations.
▪ Achieve greatness you did not think was possible.
▪ Attain a new level of intimacy with God.
▪ Learn how to leverage fear, failure, and life’s trials in such a way that they will qualify you for success.
▪ Experience a new understanding of your destiny and purpose in this earth.
▪ Receive incredible revelation on what it means to be a “Kingdom carrier”.
▪ Learn how to effectively add value and reach out to others in your home, workplace, ministry, and community.
▪ Receive a deeper understanding of what it means to walk with power and authority.
▪ Uncover strengths and abilities within you that you did not know existed.
▪ Become inspired to live a new way—a way of character, self-discipline, and radical faith.
▪ Unveil the mission and destiny of the church as Jesus Christ has truly intended.
▪ Determine how the church can transform society and how the average Christian believer can truly become salt and light in the world.
▪ Learn systems, methods, and tools used by History Makers such as Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, etc.
▪ Discover the secrets that CEO’s use to build today’s most successful companies.
▪ Receive templates and systems to help you manage your time and increase effectiveness.

1. Character
The state of a nation is a reflection of the hearts of its people. In order to make a difference, we must be different. We must possess the image and likeness of God in order for Heaven to be established on the earth.
2. Growth & Development
We have an infinite potential, limited only by our beliefs and ignorance. In order to be effective leaders, we must be on the cutting edge of society’s knowledge, always improving and progressing.
3. Personal Leadership
You cannot lead others or change the culture until you learn to take leadership and responsibility over yourself. Self-discipline is a requirement for personal greatness.
4. Contribution
Personal greatness is of no significance if it doesn’t add value to the lives of others. Unless we have an outward focus for contribution, we will limit our potential and fulfillment in life.
5. Cultural Transformation
We were created to be Heaven’s conduit to the earth. As children of God and citizens of Heaven, we have a responsibility to transform our culture into one that honours God.

1. God is number one.
Becoming a person of value requires that Christ is held as number one in your life. It is His purpose and insight that leads the life of a true history maker.
2. There is genius in all of us.
The world judges genius by a very limited scope, often labeling the outliers as unintelligent. Each of us possesses a part of God that needs to be cultivated and exercised to the point of genius. When that happens in a person, the world can never be the same.
3. Personal growth has no limits.
It does not matter where you are in life; there is always room to grow. It is impossible to fully reach your potential, and everyone at every level has a ceiling to break through.
4. Life is predictable.
The world is built on systems that move perpetual motion towards a predictable outcome. Those who understand this become creators of their own life.
5. Everyone matters.
We are all Heaven’s resource on earth. Everyone has the ability to make a difference, and there is none who God cannot or will not use.
6. Everything matters.
Everything we do has the power to set a chain reaction in motion. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to make a difference.
7. Challenge produces greatness.
Those who run from difficulty are doomed to live in mediocrity. It is only those who face challenge, endure through pressure, and choose to work when others quit who rise to greatness.