Abraham Great is a messenger of hope, and agent of glory. As a life mission, his professional goal remains to help others in less fortunate situations grow their lives and better themselves. Abraham is a pastor, clergyman, advisor, inspirational speaker, and more. A profound polymath, Abraham has found the ability to spread his message through many mediums, including speaking, writing, consuming, and through music.

Early Life

Abraham Great was born in Lagos, Nigeria. From an early age he had been in touch with various men of God who helped him identify and pursue his purpose in life. As a child, his family was raised close beside the local church; and Abraham quickly befriended the pastors and clergymen there. Throughout his adolescence, Abraham found himself in a proactive role— organizing events for other children, playing musical instruments, and even performing at music events. A bout of meningitis put a stop to a promising football ambition, but eventually guided Abraham towards his path as a missionary; which he began shortly after his first year of study at the University of Lagos.

Career Highlights

Abraham Great began his professional career as a musician; working with bass guitar, keyboard, and drums, he performed and practiced relentlessly while still in Nigeria— eventually working with prominent gospel musicians Reverend Gbemi Olaleye, Dupe Olulana, Sunny Okosun, and others. Leaving Nigeria for the Ivory Coast, Abraham worked as a music director before traveling to the nations of West Africa as a missionary— as part of Winner’s Chapel Abraham worked towards planting churches on his way to the United Kingdom.

Current Work

Abraham Great is currently the Senior Pastor of He Lives Bible Church in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK. His professional work as an author has also led him to double as the Executive Director of Golden Pen Publishing. Abraham is the owner and manager of an immigration soliciting agency, which holds a Level Three certification with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). His unique experience allows Abraham the opportunity to offer consultant services for individuals, organizations, governments, and agencies throughout the world.

Family Life

Abraham lives with his wife, Pastor Queen Olajumoke Great. The two love their enchanting family of four children. In his spare time Abraham enjoys reading, playing with his kids, and watching football (as an Arsenal FC fan). He also cherishes the time he can spend traveling and swimming.
Abraham is very fluent in French, and has a number of published motivational books including;

365 Brilliant English Words that Influence People (Now Available on Amazon)
52 Proofs of the Existence of God — Vol. 1 & 2
31 Decisions that Makes a Person of Value
31 Decisions that Makes a Man of Value